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Gleaming in the dim light. Please, Heir

30. THE ZEPPELIN LANDED Wakey, wakey, Heir

Managed to land on his feet after the rope ended several feet before the ground. Ooh! Olivia cried as she dropped down, making a soft landing in Jeb's waiting arms. She unhitched the fat oil lantern from her belt and held It up, illuminating Jeb's face in soft, yellow light. He set her down slowly, before shouting up to Sam and Elizabeth. You take good care of him, Elizabeth. If there's any trouble up there, I don't want him getting hurt. Elizabeth laughed. I'll be careful. Break a leg, Jeb, said Sam. I mean it. The three of them then made their imobiliare bucuresti way down the narrow pathway, their bodies trembling as they stepped into the darkness. The path carved into the earth was only about five feet tall and two feet wide, and so the three of them were forced to bend over considerably as they squeezed through. The entire tunnel was silent and odorless, save for the staggered breath of the intrepid explorers, and the thinly veiled smell of death, both ancient and immutable, that hung heavy in the dust choked air. Olivia was leading the way, with Jeb in the middle and Hunjii at the back. Save their oil lanterns, there wasn't an ounce of light in the ancient tunnel. Jeb thought he now knew how Carter must have felt in the Valley of the Kings. The walls, Olivia cried, there are inscriptions on the walls! She imobiliare bucuresti held her lantern up to the small Phoenician letters, long ago set in stone. Caveo nocens unos, she whispered as she read the words. Beware the unholy one. Jeb looked concerned. Does that mean this place is y trapped? Do we need to watch where we step, or what? I don't think so, said Olivia. There's no record of a Greek structure ever being y trapped. That's much more an Egyptian phenomenon. Well this ain't exactly your average Greek tomb. I'm mean, we are sixty feet under the surface imobiliare bucuresti of South bucuresti Africa for Christ's sake. Just don't- she began before pausing to think. You're right Jeb, we don't know what google we're dealing with here. He nodded. You're right, Jeb. Now that's what I like to hear. She rolled her eyes. Just... just be careful what you touch. The page grew smaller and smaller as they continued down it, and within a few minutes all three of them were crawling on their hands and knees. How much more of this? groaned an exacerbated Jeb. I mean, Jesus, how long does this thing go on for? I don't know, Olivia called back to him. These walls are all lined with lime stone. Who ever built this, it must have been a mive undertaking. Digging this whole place out. Yeah, said Jeb, they definitely weren't messing around. Although I do wonder, were they dwarves or what? I mean these people they- Hunjii let out a blood curdling scream. My leg! Something touch my leg! What? Jeb shouted, turning back to face him. My leg it... some... wet... some she... brush up again my leg! I didn't feel anything, said Olivia. I don't like dis' boss. I go back, said Hunjii. imobiliare bucuresti You will not! Jeb shouted. Relax. It was probably just your imagination. No. It was not. Jeb looked at Olivia, the fat, er yellow lamp light throwing itself across her face. There's probably plenty of cracks in this tunnel. Maybe some mud seeped up through one of them. Concern grew across his face. Come to think of it, this whole place could collapse at any second. Go ahead Hunjii. She'll follow you up. He